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Day Shift Mine 11 Yamacraw, Ky. April 27, 1939



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1.Proctor Bertram
2.Arthur Walls
3.Porter Worley
4.Jackie Jones or Elmer Cox
5.Luther Bertram
6.George Caleb Jones
7.Arch (Arthur) Ridner
8.Dan or Jim Cordell
9.Charley Foster
10.Floyd Wood
11.Edgar Garland
12.Les Jones
13.Balford Ridner
14.Bill Crabtree
15.Parker Slaven
16.Cleo Wright
17.Elmer Cox
18.Ernest Ballou
19.Willard Powell
21.Fuzz or Ernest Miller
22.Theo Jones
23.Roy Powell
24.Wilbur Wright
26.Arnold Stephens (Andy)
28.Robert Dugh Douglas Morton
29.Jarvis Bell
30.James (Jim) Homer Ridner
46.James S. Matthews
47.Gilbert Tucker
48.James (Jim) Tucker
49.Tom Jones
50.Ernest Bertram
51.Eddie Hickman
52.Jim Cordell
53.Garner Coffey
54.Frank Angel
55.Chester Stephens
56.Cecil Nelson or James Tucker
57.John (T.) Ridner
58.Grover Tucker
59.Osborne Worley
60.Ernie King
61.Nobel Hughes
62.Johnny Jones
63.Richard (Rich) H. Godsey
64.Joe Cox
65.Fred Cox
66.Earl Sheperd
67.Oscar Walker
68.Hick Foster or Charles Hickman
70.Emery Angel
71.Luther Stephens
72.Levi Cox
73.John Chitwood
74.Saul King
75.Joe Watters
76.Lewis Vaughn or Nim Watters
77.Everett Tucker
78.Red Bird Bertram (Edgar)
79.James B or Jim Matthews
80.ete Sumner
81.James Morrow
82.Gilson Jones
83.Denton Whitehead
84.Sam New
87.Tommie John Lynch
88.Raymond Foster
89.Lester Troxell
90.Charlie Lynch
91.Harvey Troxell
93.Vincent Keith
94.Elmer Perry
95.Dode Walls
98.Earl Perry
99.William Bradley Winchester
100.Rich Jones
101.Joe Crisp
102.Charley Lyons
103.Denton Tucker
104.Edgar Thompson
105.Bob Wright


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