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Lumberyard Department July 25, 1941


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1.Carl Morris
2.George Perkins
4.Jess Perkins
6.Jess “Bud”Crabtree                    
7.Wendell Hardwick
8.Corbett Foster
9.Jim Griffis
10.Virgil Wright
11.Burris Smith
12Arthur Heth
13.Fayette Stephens
14.Blaine Williams
15.Phillip Ball
16.Babe Perry
17.Emby Lovett
18.Jim Ball
19.Hobert Jones
20.Killis Foster
21.Lloyd Roberts
22.Silas Kidd
23.Luster Roundtree
24.Lester Inman
25.Ray Lavender
26.Fred Ball
27.Ben Baker
28.Ransom Dawson
29.John Dawson
30.Dewey Perkins
31.Ernest Swain
32.Claude Ball
33.Jack Ball
34.Ernest Coffey
35.Clayborn Sloan
36.Don Roy
37.Roy Anderson
38.Charles Wallace
39.Olen York
40.Bill Johnson
41.Arnold West Jr.
42.George Walker J.
43.Abraham Lee
44.Hollis Mounce
45.Clarence Roberts
46. Pucket
47. Claude Morris
48. Truby Wilson
49. Lee West
50. John Canada
51. Millard Reed
52. Perkins
53. Joe Burchfield
54. Hural Murphy
55. Raymon Murphy
56. Royce Wright
57. Burton Chitwood
58. Harmon Taylor
60. Walter Anderson
61. Ottis Mounce
62.Carl Wright
63.Arnold Simpson
64. Emmet Jones
65. Eugene Sloan
66.Luther Gregory
67.Sandford Tinch


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